Monday, January 4, 2016


A while back a close couple we're friends with had some struggles. I was of course there for my girlfriend. Amd i had some built up resentment towards him from the things that were going on. I tried to remain neutral. But in conversation one time he was upset with my verbage and tone. As a result he has been distant and isolated us from our usual get together.
I feel left out.
The whole time i was just trying to get them to work things out. I was in no way choosing sides. But he took a sensitive tone to the wrong person and i redirected that sensitivity to his current relationship.
Now I'm sad. I wanted the relationship to work out because i wanted a friend that dated my guys friend. Selfishly i guess.
But it all worked out ultimately.
I'm sad we weren't there for new years.
Im sad they didn't  come over.
Im mad too.
Im mad that they didn't care to include us.
It makes me want to take this year on and re evaluate those friends.
Makes me question what i want in a friend and how i want to feel with them.
I want to be a friend when everything is good. Not just when they need a shoulder.
I just saw another friend share an image from new years and she was invited. But we weren't.
Maybe because we had invited them and they said no. So they choose not to invite us. But either way my feelings are hurt. Pretty solid.

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