Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I don't know how to process feelings.
I know this for multiple reasons.
I need advice and guidance and an ear for almost every major event I need to process and interpret. I cant understand without expressing myself verbally. I xant understand without seeking advice. I can't figure out if how I'm feeling is right. And i know that sentence makes no sense.
The second way i know. Because i dont know how to teach my children to process their feelings. How to handel frustration, disappointment, and anger. How to accept love, compassion, and kindness with out questioning intention.
Today was a hard day.
I can't wrap my mind around things sometimes and i talk it out. The girls at work usually get the most of it. And my mom. But i wish i could feel life on my own. Without guidance.
Because, again with the feelings, so often the things i say out loud I'm ashamed and embarrassed of. Either for feeling that way or for letting others into my feelings.
Keep your cards close to your chest right.
But im not sure im made that way.
Ao then what.

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