Sunday, January 24, 2016


owen stayed at a friends last night.
i love my boy but i know the way he acts with me is most certainly not how he acts with other people.
neither of my boys do.
there is something about me that causes them to be very needy and whine for any and every need. like needing a drink. instead of words he uses this screechy noise. or wanting a turn in a video game. instead of waiting he forcefully grabbed it out of eds hand. after he just got out of time out.
and of course because im the mother that sound drives me absolutley insane.
i think part of owens may be fighting for attention.
i should probably take him on a mommy and me date soon.
its difficult for me. because i want to hug him and tell him i love him because i think thats what he needs. but acting out in that way is just obnoxious and completly makes me not want to so him that affection because i feel like im rewardinh negative behavior.
i love him so much but i dont know how to  help him

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