Wednesday, February 10, 2016

paint vibes

we are painting the hall way.
its currently a dark dlue and were coating it white and will choose a color down the line. but that simple project has eased so much tension we usually feel when discussing home repair. we just so often butt heads. im all list making and prioritizing and hes all one thing at a time or nothing at all.
weve agreed on a kitchen remodel and the two walls we are going to take out next.
we are picking out roof shingles. boring. but neccesary.
im happy.
in two years ill have no more daycare expense. and i can pay off my load for school. and we will have a fresh start.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

cleaning house

my kids are out of school for two days so we siezes the opportunity to bug bomb the house.
im "tidying" my closet. sad stuff. sizes to small. worn and stained. i love my clothes so much but its a pain to keep up with everything. throw it out. donate it. miss it. and than accept that im too broke to buy more.its okay.
conscioisly trying to have less. its hard. i want more. but thats just a cycle.
same for the home. we have so many things. a lot are sentimental.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

daddy vader

we are hooked on star wars.
ed is obsessed with getting an obi one kenobi figurine.
we gave everyone star wars names too.
owen one kenobi
edi the jedi
daddy vader
they watched the vw commerial and i hope desperatley that they want to be star wars characters for halloween. because that would be adorable!
light sabers.
chewy go gurt. because star wars everything.