Friday, October 19, 2012

Owes says

I contemplated even changing the title to this blog to the title of this post.
My child is hilarious and has every intention (I'm convinced) to say things to make us giggle.
The idea came to me last night.
Owen is always a good reason, but the frequency at which he says something so mind blowing is far to often to ignore.
So last night’s cars ride home.
A motorcycle passes a motorcycle other than a Harley....
Owen says "Momma that motorcycle doesn't sound right."
Now this may not seem hilarious to anyone else.  My family members are avid Harley lovers. Owens been exposed to them since he was teeny tiny. He knows the loud rumble and the specific roar.
"Live to Ride, Ride to Live 
 the Road Starts here. It never ends.
 The Legend Rolls On 
 Legend of American roads It’s time to ride.
 Until you've been on a Harley-Davidson, you haven't been on a motorcycle."

Saturday, September 22, 2012


A long long time ago I created a time line for what I thought was going to happen. A give year plan. It started when I had owen. Being pregnant makes you think. Well, here I go again.
First plan. Baby. House. Wedding. Degree. Things happened a wrench got thrown in after baby.
I got distracted with life.
Anyways that's a lot for a five years and being mother. Hind sight... Unrealistic.
What actually is going to happen by the time I'm 25 is that I'll be a mother of two. In a home I call my own.
It's perfect. I feel old, but I'm happy.
real life beats any plan!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Baby 2

We're due march 12. Pretty over the moon about it all. We kept it pretty hush, while really brian did, I told everyone I consider important. But we're almost out of the first trimester. Owen is so excited. He tells everyone, if anyone was a blabber mouth about it, it was certainly him.
We bought the first item for baby bee this weekend. A score from thrift city (almost always a decent find in there).

Sunday, June 17, 2012

This ought to make maintaining easier.

There is an app for blogging. Why did I not search for this before. Genius. I miss writing. I say it every time I come back. Lack of computer availability while wanting to write, issue number 1... Or maybe it's laziness.
When I woke up today I felt refreshed. Seeing things differently than I have recently.
I'm exhausted with some of my habits. Shopping.... Creating financial tight ships, new home = new digs.... I just need to remember it takes time. I can't do it all at once. Bouts on analytical negative believing everything I think, nothing any of my lovely senses can logically process... Simply a mind unoccupied with productiveness "happy hands, happy mind." When thoughts get outta whack... Get crafty.
On another note my boy turns 3. Seriously three. Crap. we got here far to quickly. My love turns 30. and my birthdays around the corner too. A house full of cancers... There is a whole lot of love here

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mish mash

It's been awhile yet again since I've visited to write. So lets just type it out. (I wrote this opening sentence after writing this post, I had no clue it was just literally going to be me thinking and updating myself on me, typign whatever comes to mind)
Hello world, What do I want to tell you about life lately.
Lets see here. I bought a house with my boyfriend. Its so lovely. My backyard is beautiful.
Honest, cross my heart. This is a picture taken from my backyard. Its still so hard to believe. i have to pinh myself.
 I haven't taken many pictures of the inside yet. But soon. We plan on going shopping this weekend for paint colors and furniture ideas. I believe we should pick out the style and color of furniture we are going for before painting the walls. adding a fresh coat of paint is so such a more economical method of re-decorating than purchasing new furniture. So we find forever furniture and get crazy with the paint. (This of course is if I have my way with things.)
I've been looking at color schemes and catalogs and online inspiration for home decor before we even bought the house. I still haven't landed on a solid choice. I've started a collage. I ordered all these catalogs but I have no intention of ordering anything so they have been my images I'm cutting and pasting.

I'm also utilizing pinterest to what I believe is its best potential. I've monopolized my pins. But I love pinterest. Its a easy site to use and full of point of useful things. 

Owen loves our new house. He has been fishing like a champ. He can't get enough of outside. It feels so wonderful to have a backyard he can run around in. It's the first place he wants to be when we pull in our driveway. I have to be honest. I feel like I've accomplished so much by just moving into our new home. It may not be all settled yet, but I have provided my son with the place he will grow up in. And that makes me smile all day!
This is Owen fishing in the backyard. He is so good with that rod. It's in his blood. He's going to catch us dinner one night, I know it!

In the meantime. I want a baby. I told Brian. So when it happens. It happens. I'm still n B.C but I was made to make babies. I'm good at it. So bring it on.
Weekdays have and will always be pretty easy. i work with the five best women I know. Plus my job is pretty easy (or I'm just good at it) So I get to write this post well I'm on the clock, and I also get to check up on my regular blogs.I've found a handful of blogs I check in on daily:
Kendieveryday. my most favorite fashion blog I've stumbled on ever.
Bohobabybump. I love her style and her adorable little family.
A cup of JO. I love reading this page. First page I check as soon as I have free time. I can not even count the amount of advice I have taken from her page.
Moon face on.  I have no clue why I adore this blog so much, maybe its her adorable shop. Maybe its because they are the cutest couple ever and her style has me drooling.
dearbabyblog. I started reading this one way before any of the others. We share a name and truely I look up to her. She is role model of a mother. A style icon for me. An amazing wife. and the way she writes has me so envious. I wanted to be a writer for so long. I 've fallen away form it. But every time I read one of her posts. It inspires me to write down something, and I appreciate it.
Cotton and Curls. My go to for sewing project or tips or advice or inspiration. I think this lady is the bees knees and has turned sewing into a creative outlet for me.

I've been reading a few other blogs and they do What I wore on Weds Posts. I think if I do that ever Weds I'll be more apt to post here on a regular basis. I mean one post a week shouldn't be difficult. I'll be able to show of my outfit and vent and update. Sounds about right, right? Especially since I've been dressing for myself lately. Tyring my best to look a certain way when I leave the house. I'm having a blast with it. Exploring with my clothes and outfits has also added so much inspiration to my sewing projects. I'm taking collections of giveaways. I want to start just cutting patched and sewing them together if they mesh well. I'll turn it into something. Skirts and shirts seem to be easiest to me in theory. Two of the same thing and then sew the sides together. Right? I also want to sew pockets into my curtains for mail. I've got so many ideas over here. I have no clue where to start.

Oh I also tried yoga. My first class was fun and a learning experience.
I was so nervous trying it. But I'm excited to try it again. I'm taking one class this weekend. I have six classes to use at one studio and then I'm going to try hot yoga after that. I really like the studio I'm attending now. Its called the space above, and it was so easy to get lost in being there. I forgot about everything else for a full hour and half. That's pretty miraculous to me. I'm excited to keep trying. Someone told me recently that trying yoga changed their life. I'm willing to let that happen. I want to be a more whole me. A more well rounded individual. Looking with my eyes through my heart. Be one with nature. Flow. I just wan to be able to flow.