Friday, October 19, 2012

Owes says

I contemplated even changing the title to this blog to the title of this post.
My child is hilarious and has every intention (I'm convinced) to say things to make us giggle.
The idea came to me last night.
Owen is always a good reason, but the frequency at which he says something so mind blowing is far to often to ignore.
So last night’s cars ride home.
A motorcycle passes a motorcycle other than a Harley....
Owen says "Momma that motorcycle doesn't sound right."
Now this may not seem hilarious to anyone else.  My family members are avid Harley lovers. Owens been exposed to them since he was teeny tiny. He knows the loud rumble and the specific roar.
"Live to Ride, Ride to Live 
 the Road Starts here. It never ends.
 The Legend Rolls On 
 Legend of American roads It’s time to ride.
 Until you've been on a Harley-Davidson, you haven't been on a motorcycle."

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