Wednesday, December 30, 2015

"Me hold you"
Edison asks to be picked up i the sweetest way.
"I already have new toys"
I was trying to bribe Edison to let me leave for work because Megan watched them today and he was just not having it ("no go to work!) And it made me feel so good. Lol. Owen would never say that, he receives love in gifts and rewards. And nothing makes him as excited.
Brian and i are trying to encourage the kids to listen better.  Today was promising

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Life is beautiful

We got some beautiful news this evening and are so excited and hopeful.
Family of ours has given the news that they're expecting and it's so wonderful.
They presented it on a tray of brownies, how adorable!
When we told his parents i tried with all my might to have a mouth full of food so i didn't have to say anything. I cried. Brian wasn't even home when i took the test and i was mad that i had to call and tell him.
Hearing their story of when she found out and the reactions of other family members was heart warming.
They're the perfect most deserving parents to be.
Life is beautiful! And I'm so happy, and now i have baby fever. Lol. Just kidding

Monday, December 28, 2015


I want to be better. At everything and then show it off. Because om proud.
But i also want to not get lost in the hustle of social media. I dont want likes and friends and followers to be something i think about. But it is.
I don't know why.
So as much as i want to be better at everything. Mothering. Jewlery making. House keeping. Cooking. Patience. I want to be good at it without hoping or wanting gratification.
Ultimately I'm reaching for these goals because i see the person i want to be. I can touch her. I see the form of myself that i believe is beautiful. And i want to be her.
Only because social media is part of my life do i want that form of praise.
But i don't want to remove that from my life either. Because i enjoy the connections and the inspiration that comes. Instagram is a beautiful place. But i feel it takes a little too much of my concern. I want to post and not think about it. Not care who sees.
A new goal? Sure.
So i want to share and then not care. Not check my phone every20 minutes looking to see you liked.
So theres that.
Be her.