Monday, December 28, 2015


I want to be better. At everything and then show it off. Because om proud.
But i also want to not get lost in the hustle of social media. I dont want likes and friends and followers to be something i think about. But it is.
I don't know why.
So as much as i want to be better at everything. Mothering. Jewlery making. House keeping. Cooking. Patience. I want to be good at it without hoping or wanting gratification.
Ultimately I'm reaching for these goals because i see the person i want to be. I can touch her. I see the form of myself that i believe is beautiful. And i want to be her.
Only because social media is part of my life do i want that form of praise.
But i don't want to remove that from my life either. Because i enjoy the connections and the inspiration that comes. Instagram is a beautiful place. But i feel it takes a little too much of my concern. I want to post and not think about it. Not care who sees.
A new goal? Sure.
So i want to share and then not care. Not check my phone every20 minutes looking to see you liked.
So theres that.
Be her.

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