Sunday, June 17, 2012

This ought to make maintaining easier.

There is an app for blogging. Why did I not search for this before. Genius. I miss writing. I say it every time I come back. Lack of computer availability while wanting to write, issue number 1... Or maybe it's laziness.
When I woke up today I felt refreshed. Seeing things differently than I have recently.
I'm exhausted with some of my habits. Shopping.... Creating financial tight ships, new home = new digs.... I just need to remember it takes time. I can't do it all at once. Bouts on analytical negative believing everything I think, nothing any of my lovely senses can logically process... Simply a mind unoccupied with productiveness "happy hands, happy mind." When thoughts get outta whack... Get crafty.
On another note my boy turns 3. Seriously three. Crap. we got here far to quickly. My love turns 30. and my birthdays around the corner too. A house full of cancers... There is a whole lot of love here

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