Tuesday, April 12, 2011


My babe, You are so mighty, in the littlest of ways as well as the biggest of ways.
The boy that you are growing into amazes me constantly.
The love and wonder that radiates from you impacts all those around you.
We took you to the park on the beach right down the street from our house. I can't manage to get you to stop chasing the birds now, It use to be I could never pry you off of the slide, you'd just sit at the bottom after you finished the ride and keep saying "wee" until we picked you back up and put you on the steps, because you didn't like the way sand felt on your feet. Not any more, your off and gone as soon as I plop you down. So when I fnd you doing the things you did months ago, I can't help but cherish them. 
Something new with a mix of the old, when we are driving to work in the morning you say "Weeeeeee." down the off ramps that twist and turn,while you bob your head and nod along with ZZ Top or whatever is on Bob FM.

OH AND....
We took you for his first haircut Ever!
I had gotten so annoyed with hearing how "pretty my little girl is"
It didn't matter if you were dressed in head to toe in green and blue and covered in dirt, he was still "sooo pretty" and it was all beacuse of our "long hair, don't care" attitude.
 So despite my hesitations and wanting to wait till after his 2nd Birthday, we did it.
 And it's sooo awesome, I'm not soo sure why I had wanted to wait, I guess that cliche of long curly baby hair. But it just wasn't workin for us.
With a pouty face!
And on the go!

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