Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I fall asleep as soon as my Tushy touches the bed.
Typically, under any other instance this would be a positive.
Except.... my sex life and "me time" is suffering
I don't know why I'm falling asleep so fast. I know I am not possibly that tired at 9:30 pm. I use to sit in bed and play with my beads or crafts until 11 pm easy, with not even one yawn. If I tried that today I'd fall asleep in the middle of whatever it is that I'm doing. It's become a sad fact, not something that has happened every once in awhile, but every night for the past 2 months.
Example: Folding Laundry, captured by the boyfriend.

I need to wake up man So I can get me some.
I'm usually so eager to hop in the sac at the end of the day and get a lil lovin' or cuddle and watch a movie.
But guess what doesn't happen when I'm snoring by the time my boyfriend is undressed.
None of THIS
I need some of THIS, I call this the RIGHT side of the Bed

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