Monday, November 14, 2011

"I can't believe there is still some in there."

The Crime scene and the Evidence.
I love my little boy. BUT look at what he freaking did with Baby Powder. LOL!
While getting ready for an anniversary celebration with the boyfriends family the following happened, while we were all dressed up in our pretty clothes.
The room :)

The bucket & toys. :)

The evidence. He is wearing shoes in this one... but wait... wait for it... are you still waiting...

He took off his shoes mid dusting. :)

My favorite part. This isn't the first time. He did it once in the living room. Brian looked atme after discovereing our very own snow storm and says "I can't belive there is still some in there." I had to lay down I was laughing so hard.

This is real life y'all. His bedroom is still sitting like this, because I think he should help me clean this up. When we got home Sunday, He walked into his room looked at it. Looked at us, almost as to say, "This shit is still here. Hello, clean up my mess, your my peoples. That's what you do. "
Guess whats still there until someone helps me clean up HIS mess. Baby Powder.
Wish me luck <3

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  1. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA I love the evidence of the footprints! hahahhahahaha omg! lol lol