Thursday, March 10, 2011

Duck... Duck...

Planning my very first baby shower for the lovely Nicole and her boy to be Hunter. This is the first time I've been able to dabble with Party Planning. We're doing rubber duck themed. I'm getting so much inspiration from browsing blogs. Bath tub blue Punch, Cupcake puzzle in the shape of a duck, center pieces with ping pong balls and rubber ducks. I can't wait to see how I end up putting things together.
Home sweet home in less than 1.5 to make a rubber duck chandelier and my most favorite meal: NY strip, fresh made home cut fries, and fresh green beans. I'll be lucky if I get any of those little beans though, my Boy will take all of em' if you leave your plate unattended.

P.S. I am not satisfied with the appearance of this post or this page yet. I have yet to really play on this site and figure out how to use this blog. I really really want to learn how to take advantage of all these options so I can add pictures and links from where I found my inspiration for the above post, as well as to make a pretty Little layout.

Happy Thursday!

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